Monday, October 24, 2005

Babylon Sisters. Self-Help. And a Good Day in L.A.

There are some fall-centric things to do in L.A. believe it or not. And Sunday... Felt real L.A. (Oh, read this article on doing L.A. in 2-days... in case you're visiting or relocating!) and felt real fall.

After my morning run and oatmeal, and getting my housemate and sister off to Palm Springs for a spa day, I packed up the laptop, a couple books, a Lena Horne/Nina Simone/Phyllis Hyman mix, and sat my butt at one of my favorite coffehouses for writers (and other folks, but a lot of writer types).

The Coffee Table. It's in Silverlake, which is part of L.A., but one of those artsy incorporated enclaves (like Los Feliz) where your table neighbor can be an aspiring novelist, an up-and-coming singer and the real (non industry) friends, or a writer for episodic television.

Real productive day. In between writing (I've got an idea that's beginning to take wings and go...) I read this hilarious short story by Lorrie Moore ("How To Be An Other Woman") in her short story collection called Self Help. Actually, read it a long time ago but felt the need and urge to read it again. Another story of note in this collection is "How To Become A Writer." Just so dang funny! :-)

Then back to writing again. Then started reading another novel, Babylon Sisters, by Pearl Cleage. It's SOOOOOOOO good. So you gotta go out and get it. Especially if you're into good writing, with good black characters, and a fulfilling story.

And yeah. I started out my Monday morning with Good Day L.A. It's my favorite morning news and infotainment show. Especially Jillian Barberie's dancing in her weather reports and Style File.

Have a good day... in L.A. or wherever you are!


Joanne said...

Love Pearl Cleage. Read What crazy looks like on an ordinary day and just started If I only had a red dress.

Frederick Smith said...

Oh Joanne, I absolutely loved "What Looks Like Crazy..." and am totally loving "Babylon Sisters."

blue said...

I actually have some websites about Jillian.