Friday, October 07, 2005

Baller. Season. Begins.

Can't wait for the basketball season to begin. NBA.

Can't play worth a lick. Get that Detroit-born-and-raised stereotype out of your minds. I hit the books. But played soccer for a minute. Tried tennis for a minute, too. But basketball always got me. I just could never get it.

But I love to watch. Don't know all the rules. But I love going to games. Or just watching on TV. Or watching the Shirts vs Skins matches at the local park while I go running.

My faves: Sacramento Kings. Detroit Pistons. Yeah, I live in L.A.

Next week. The magic begins. Pictured top left and right is Mike Bibby, Sac Kings. Bottom left and right, 2004 World Champs, Detroit Pistons. Bottom center is Carlos Arroyo, Detroit Pistons.

In my Down For Whatever novel, I wrote about a fictional college baller whose about to go pro, Tyrell Kincaid. Something about the world of athletics really interests me.

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ByeBye said...

aww man I'm into football and basketball...

Detroit Pistons all the way this season. I'm hoping the Spurs will kick ass just as well, nothing like a home team going all the way.

I played in high school but stuck with the books in college. If I could go back I would play some baseball (minor league advancing to major)

Look out season, here we come.

(btw... can you update my link on your page)