Wednesday, October 05, 2005


OK. Been thinking too hard and too much today. Time for a little break. A little diversion.

A Young and the Restless diversion.

This is
Bryton, the brilliant 19-year-old actor, who plays Devin Hamilton on Y&R, Neil and Drucilla's foster son. He's great on the show. And has a huge following.

Some of you may remember him from another hit show. Now, don't go feeling all old.

You last saw Bryton on Family Matters, as little Ritchie. Kinda have to click on the pic to see him sitting up front on the sofa.

Now, he's all grown up. Acting. Singing. Modeling. Everything.

Time flies. Sometimes that's a good thing!


Joanne said...

OMG, that's little Ritchie?? He IS all grown up and stuff... :-)

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

19 is good and legal!



~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

LOL; he's a cutie!

unknown said...

He is too cute, I would have never known that.

prodigalsun said...

wow... awww... look at the widdle man all growed up... *big mama clap* Hercules! Hercules!

I just saw grown up pics of Taj Mowry (tia and tamara's lil bro) all grown up too... I know you said dont feel old... but I cant help it... lol

Anonymous said...

Bryton is an amazing human being. He is kind, polite, intelligent and philantropic. If you met him, you would never know he was on TV.
My wife and I are very proud of him. I think we did a good. You can learn more about Bryton at - love, dad.

Anonymous said...

he is so cute!!!! i cant believe is he's all grown up. i watch y&r faithfully and im impressed with the character he plays and the actor he has grown to be. (he brings out the african american actors on the soap:-) thats a good thing. keep doin ur thing, Bryton