Wednesday, October 26, 2005

End of the DFW Road Trip

Last night, I had my final scheduled book event for Down For Whatever. It was at the University Bookstore at Cal State L.A. Sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center. In a way it was kind of a homecoming.

It was at Cal State L.A. that I had did my very first public reading... about five years ago. During a very bad poetry phase. When I thought poetry needed to rhyme to be good. Ewwwwww..... Thank God that poetry phase is long time gone.

Anyway, great event and nice way to end the DFW road experience, going on since late April. (Except for one more event in Minneapolis in the middle of January 2006... what were my people thinking?!?!) Nice crowd of 50+, good food, great questions (I'm a sucker for things/people that make me think!), and the bookstore sold a lot of books. And saw some old friends who I hope to make new friends again. Hmmm...

Now... book two is in the pipeline. Waiting for word from the folks in charge. Book three (more like book 3.7) is forming into something I can work with. I start and stop things all the time.

My sister the Detroit super diva housing developer, my mom the caterer/event planner, and my dad the retiree who loves his garden and house projects, are my biggest supporters, fans, and loud/proud readers. They're good people. I know they can't wait for the holidays when they can see me, love me, FEED me.

Oh, I'm still here. Blogging. And looking forward to previewing and sharing book #2 really soon with you...


Anonymous said...


I'm glad you enjoyed your first book tour. It was a pleasure meeting you and Oskar during Pride in Atlanta.I hope you return again once book #2 hits the shelves.

Kevin C

fratman1906 said...

Don't get too comfortable. I am working on something for you at Duke hopefully in spring '06. Shem hotep

Ibarionex R. Perello said...

Congratulations, Fred on a great 1st time around. I know of no one who has worked harder and deserves it more than you, hombre. I know this is the beginning of a great and lengthy career.

Unconquerable Soul said...

Congradulations! Man, I can't wait for your new book to come out! Down for Whatever was truly enjoyable! Hopefully the next time you tour, I'll get to meet you in NYC! Till then, keep blogging!