Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hot Properties

Catch this one before... well. It's in a Friday night time slot. On ABC.

Hot Properties is one of those shows I found by mistake, one Friday evening waiting for a friend to pick me up. It's cute. And kinda funny.

Typical formula: four friends.

Typical setting: NYC

Typical career backdrop: Real estate

Typical dilemas of four friends living in NYC and selling real estate:

Friend #1 is 40-something, married to 25-year-old, and he doesn't know her real age which her friends have to remind her of;

Friend #2 is perpetually single, and her dates never remember her or her name the morning after;

Friend #3 has dated and been married to more gay guys than... hmmm... and she can't get her "gay-dar" working or stop her attraction to gay men;

Friend #4 married who she thought was an innocent virgin, but turns out is a major un-virgin.

No messages. No lectures. No social commentary or anything groundbreaking. But... it's a fun show, funny writing, and a good way to pass thirty minutes before heading out on a Friday night.


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Unconquerable Soul said...

I've been meaning to check this show out. It sucks that it come on Friday's.