Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Wanna Be Loved. And Loved. And Loved.

So I'm doing a bit of e-mail last night and writing a bit on what I hope will gel into a new novel. And while I write, I keep music videos on or some local radio station for background noise.

Then Eric Benet's new video, I Wanna Be Loved, came on. I stopped and watched. Had heard the song before, liked it, but never knew it was him. Then I felt guilty for liking it. I mean, the Halle situation and all. Felt like my sister had been violated, though Halle's no relation to me. Felt guilty. It would be like staying friends with your ex brother-or-sister-in-law, ya know? Except, in this case, Eric's been through the storm and back... and just wants a career like anyone else.

Still, I like the song. Liked Eric from WAY back in the day when he and his sister had a singing group called simply, Benet.

But then I started thinking about friends who I know who do things that jeopardize their relationships, but the partner doesn't know about. But you're friends with the jeopardizer first, not the partner. And you remain friends, still knowing or suspecting things they do to jeopardize a romantic partnership. Is that cool? Hmmm... We give a lot of free passes to lots of people who have done things we may not do.

I haven't bought Eric Benet's new CD, Hurricane, but I've heard and read good reviews. Still...


~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Song sounds like a good one - as usual.

It's hard to stay friends with someone after they've jeopardized a relationship. I usually don't because I'm so sensitive.

I know what you're feelling in relation to Halle but you're not liking him, you're liking the music, I see noting wrong w/ that!

ByeBye said...

I have to give props where its due, Hurricane is good. Its a sad thing what happened between him and Halle, I really can't respect a man who mistreat a sista. But like they say we don't know what really went on behind closed doors.

prodigalsun said...

I think its silly to take sides in a relationship between halle berry and eric benet... you dont know them maaaaaaaaan. lol

Do you think people will stop supporting brad pitt because he cheated on Jennifer Anniston? Not likely. People divorce... its life. Hell, David Justice beat her. I say Eric was the least of her unfortunate husbands.

I dont condone infidelity, but think we should give him a break. I am sure Halle is WAAAAAY better off than Eric is right now. His sappy I want to be loved/hurricane songs may be too little too late, but I think he realizes that he was a dumb azz and is paying in his own personal hell without random people like us he doesnt even know adding to it.

Shelia said...
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Shelia said...

I was an Eric Benet fan pre-Halle...after what he did to her, I can't bring myself to buy his new CD...although I heard good things about it. I won't turn down a review copy to review it but I won't buy it.

6:16 PM

Rodney said...

Arah Kelly is an alleged pedophile and I still like his country croonin' a#%. I just ordered Hurricane from Half.com (I don't pay retail for anything). The dysfuctional gotta eat too. Besides my grandmama always said there's three sides to every story... his, hers and the truth. Just because it was heard on Oprah don't make it true (is that blasphemy?)

BrownDays said...

Love you blog. Thanks for the comments. Havent heard that Eric Benet.

quincee said...

How can you condemn a man you know nothing about except for media gossip?

Bottom line, the cd is excellent and if you love good music, it's a must have. Whether EB, R. Kelly or Bill Clinton, a man's (or woman's) personal life is just that personal.


Clay said...

i think this is one of the few times various forms of black folks have united ... cheating on Halle Berry awwwwwwwwwwwww HELL NO!