Monday, October 10, 2005


Interesting Sunday. Like that song, Sports, Sex & Food, by Tweet. Gotta hear it to understand... hmmm.

Funny what several Sunday morning/afternoon football games (not my idea), many rounds of Scrabble (mine), some brandy and coca cola (not mine), Madea movies (consensus), and fun weekend company can do to inspire you. Not just in writing, but in life... making you look at your life differently.

Especially your Space. Your Space when you have pack-rattish propensities and try to fight it. That... I'll address at another place and time. (It's amazing how some people can live in a simple Space, while others want to hold on to every thing... I'm the latter!) But...

So happy for Clay in NYC and the opportunities presenting themselves to him. I always expected big things from him when we met this summer. I'm sure we'll be reading more of him, and not just on his blog.

So happy for Jarrell, who has been writing non-stop for the past weeks, since our workshop. His creativity has been tapped. Sam, too, who has been tapping away at the keyboard for the past weeks. And happy for others who have been putting their thoughts to page and sharing it with me.

Even when I'm in the midst of ideas not coming together, it's always inspiring to hear that others are having a burst of creativity and work. This weekend has been a good one. And I think I am ready to jump ahead with the next creative step.


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Clay said...

awwwwwww thank ya' - that brought a southern tear to my left eye! :)