Monday, October 03, 2005

Make It Happen

Part of the weekend I spent with writer Brent Dorian Carpenter, who has written four novels, comic books, and various newspaper articles. Brent is a fellow Detroiter who has remained in Detroit, but came to visit L.A. for book business, including the Herndon Davis taping. Seems like he is on the verge of something big happening.

But Brent stayed part of the weekend with a guy named Joe, another fellow Detroiter, who, through the process of the "who do you know?", turns out was a middle school classmate of mine, and who hung out with several friends I had at his high school, Cass Tech. Cass was/is the rival "smart kid" school to my high school, Renaissance.

Anyway, through the process of talking, I found out there are several Detroiters we knew and went to school with who have moved out to L.A. And they're doing BIG THINGS! One is working for the TV show, Lost. One designed costumes for the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. One is a big-time publicist for television. Joe himself is a filmmaker, director, and writer. Who knew all this talent came out of Detroit? I'm happy for all of them. It's motivating.

But it got me thinking about my life and how I finally feel like I'm going somewhere, like I'm finally getting my feet wet in what I want to do. I still have a long journey ahead and not all my goals have been made. But I'm on my way. I've been thinking a lot about various friends and the path they are on.

And I wonder... what makes it so that some people's lives have easy paths, while others have more jagged paths? How is it that the road turns out differently than the idealistic one we mapped out in high school?

What makes it happen for some, as they planned? While others, later in life, finally make it happen?

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Unconquerable Soul said...

Brother Smith,

You are making it happen! Keep on doing what your doing!