Thursday, October 20, 2005

Media Hound. Camera Hog.

So I've discovered over the past few months that I love, love, LOVE doing readings, interviews, being in front of a crowd -- even though it makes me nervous as heck. If I'm prepared, or have a few talking points, I can do just fine. And people are always complimenting me on my "Midwestern" speaking voice, which I guess means middle America, or just speaking articulately. People say I sound smart, even when inside I don't know what the heck I'm gonna say next. But I'll take the compliments... Whatever that means...

But during the past week I've had the opportunity to be interviewed by Mary Montoro, of the Los Angeles Sentinel, L.A.'s black weekly newspaper, for a feature story, and by Grandison, a student who is working on a class project on me... a video news story for his broadcast news class. Grandison is something else.

The L.A. Sentinel story is running today/this week, though I haven't seen it yet (the website is under construction). I'm sure my copies are on the way. And Grandison's story is running on his campus news stations (lawwwwd, I hope the kids don't lose their lunch in the cafeteria!)

I realize something about my moods. When I'm in between gigs, I'm kinda feeling blah. When I'm not out and about at some event, or meeting readers, or leading a class or workshop, I feel a little lost. Not like "down to my last can of corn" lost, but just like... I am a people person. Even though I am shy. That's just me.

Anyway, hope it's a happy Thursday for you... and turn a little to the left so I can get the right shot. Muah!


~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Hey man, I love love love public speaking and publilc appearances 2! I do motivational speeches here in my community and ti feels "empowering" every time I present. I don't prepare either - I just let the words come to me as I speak. Sometimes, I'll jot down some notes like a few words and go from that. I gotta post some on my website - will let u know when.
It's an awesome feeling to know that ur words are touching many, right?

demetrius said...

have you thought about joining a chapter of Toastmasters? ;-)