Friday, October 21, 2005

Missing In Action. Old Friends.

You know how sometimes you sit and wonder where certain people are... people who were significant in your life at one time, or you hung out with but lost touch, or just moved away?

Well, I sat and wondered. Just wanna know where they are/what they're doing now.

From Detroit childhood through high school:
1. Terry, Crystal, and Dondi (A brother and sister trio who moved to Detroit from L.A. for like a year, and then back to L.A. Tons of fun, cried for weeks when they moved away! I think their mom was named Yvonne.)
2. Roberta Grant (a middle school tough girl with a heart of gold)
3. Gretchen O'Neal (a middle school friend who kept me rolling, along with Kim Hurtle and Lisa Storball)
4. Brian McCallum, Rodney Sizemore, Chantale Bothwell (folks from high school)
5. Laurie Flowers and Dana Flowers (from what I thought were the richest black family I'd ever known... and at my high school. Laurie drove me to our peer counseling job at Catholic Social Services in her then new white Civic hatchback and then to the AKA Teens/Alpha Academy meetings on weekends...)
6. Dr. Mary Wilkes (advisor to the Teen Profile show for aspiring broadcast majors)

From Missouri School of Journalism days:
1. Juston Jones (who I think became a newspaper editor in NYC? originally from Marshall, Mo?)
2. Patrice Kearsey (who I think became an engineer in Kansas City?)
3. Sean Spence (a fellow R.A. and rival in the dorms and student government, lol)
4. Sheila Robinson (from Kansas City or St. Louis, journalism grad student, and sat me down "intervention style" with Russ Lopez to deal with some issues)
5. Mark Sangerman (originally from Chicago suburbs, freshman year suite mate in Mark Twain Hall)
6. O'ouida Young or Ouida Young (her name is pronounced Oh-Weeda, can't remember exact spelling, and she bought me my first adult beverages when I was a freshman, introduced me to blues music while drinking, and St. Louis native)
7. Lynnette Tyndall (from St. Charles, outside St. Louis. Big time drama queen and big time fun. I REALLY want to find her!!!)
8. Kimo James (this Hawaiian guy I met one full-moon weekend at some Missouri lake resort. FUN weekend. Went to some boys school, an orphan, not sure if it's his full name)
9. Rodney Jackson (my upperclass mentor when I was a freshman, who got me involved with campus radio, and introduced me to Kevin Brock)
10. Dean Andersen (my hall director and boss when I was an R.A.)

OK. That's enough for now. Yeah, I could google all these folks. And maybe I will... just trying to get a head start. Will probably have more names on my list next week... :-)


~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Well I wonder but usually dismiss the wonder lol. I never had a big group of friends in high school or middle school. Just the same "best friends" who I still stay in touch with. I'm still in college and we hope to stay in friends (referring to the circle of friends I have now) but who knows? I may be "googling" them, 10 years from now lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fred!

Sean Spence, here. Just stumbled on your post and happy to catch a glimpse of you. I'm in Ohio, working on a congressional race ( I've been all over since our days together at Mizzou, and will probably continue a fairly nomadic life on the campaign trail for a while.

Drop me a note sometime at Hope you are doing well -- and I'll be looking for your first novel this week. Very impressive.

- sean

Rueshan Rofick said...

Hey have you ever found Laurie and Dana Flowers? I'm looking for them too... I'm Rueshan Rofick, class of 1987 Renaissance High School... I loved those girls, they were my favorite two people at Renaissance. If I find them I'll drop you a line, if you do my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi Freddie

This is O'ouida

I am so happy to find your blog, although 2 years later. I thought of you often over the years. Juston Jones is an editor at the NY Times, you can contact him there and Jeanette Harris is dancing in NY as well. I am so proud of you Freddie! Much Success! My email is Plz let me know when you are in the area. I'll be in the LA/Sandiego area summer of 08. I am studying to become an RN right now.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but, I know some of your friends :-). I was "googling" for Juston and ran across your page.

I met Juston through Kevin Brock (1991). I still see Kevin when I go home to St. Louis (live in Atlanta now). Talked to Juston some time Jan 2006. Left message Jan 2007, but, I haven't heard from him since.

BTW - I know Kimo - LOL. Your info is correct and his last name is James. The last time I talked to him, he was attending college in St. Charles, MO and was interested in theatrical lighting. That was in 1993-1994.

Mike Penman (