Monday, October 31, 2005

National Novel Writing Month Starts Tuesday

I've heard of quick-draw-McGraws... but this is something I think would be a great challenge for those of you wanting to write a novel, but not quite feeling like you have the time or discipline to really get started and do it. It's a challenge, and definitely not the norm in novel writing.

Each November, there is a contest called
National Novel Writing Month, where you are challenged to write a 50,000 word novel draft in thirty days. Thousands of aspiring authors enter and many finish the contest. The contest is more with yourself. Can you finish a goal you set out to meet? Kinda like a marathon, which in the beginning seems daunting and impossible, but with consistent training everyday, you meet the goal. It's not how fast you finish, but that you finish.

Interested? Take a look at the site. I've never done it. But a few of the drafts people have started in the month-long challenge turned out, with revisions and workshopping, to be manuscripts that have been picked up by publishers. Details on the site.

On your mark. Set. Get started... November 1.


Anonymous said...

I have a good friend of mine who recently moved to LA.(Why do I keep losing friends to the west coast?)Anywho, He plans to participate in this challenge. I wish him the best of luck.

Go Bugsy!!

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

That sounds interesting! I DID write a short novel in a month, only about 30,000 words though. I was told to extend a short story that was about 13 pages and booom, before i knew it was 98 pages - something like that.

Yeah, discipline is important to a writer, I procrastinate toooo much.

Trent Jackson said...

i so need the challenge, I have a few manuscripts I need 2 finish...