Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Is For Kids

Hadn't been to West Hollywood's Halloween Street Fair since I first moved to L.A. like five years ago. Went with the encouragement and egging on of a good friend and his boyfriend. Dressed kinda Hawaiian surf boy. Hawaiian shirt, tank, pooka shells, surf shorts, flip flops... I was Halloween cute. :-)

Traffice was a menace. But I arrived at J & Js house. Hopped in a taxi (which I didn't know we actually had in L.A.) to the festivities. I got home. I'm still home. One too many "Hate Myself in the Morning" drink specials. Didn't spend one dime, though, thanks to old and new friends. But... I'm having a productive day today at the keyboard doing some writing, cranking out something like a novel. I could do this stay-at-home thing on a regular basis and get used to it :-)

Will share a pic or two when I find my camera. It's somewhere. Halloween is for kids, the real ones and the big ones who do kiddish things like me. :-)


TheBlacks said...

Yo, Frederick I saw you out last night in your Hawaiian Surf Boy garb. I tried to make my way over to you but when I turned around you had disappeared into the night.

prodigalsun said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaye halloween!!! :-)