Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just Because. Mel Jackson.

Mel Jackson is one of the scene stealers in the stage production Friends and Lovers that I saw last week at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

Cute show. Cute actor. More. Than. Cute. Mel got ALL the screams from the audience when he entered the stage.

Tons. Of. Screams. He's eye candy. And a good actor, too.

Friends and Lovers is based on the novel by Eric Jerome Dickey.

Mel Jackson is touring with the show. He definitely needs to be cast in a network series as a regular. Any suggestions?

Anyway, that's Mel Jackson. Just because.


Shelley Halima said...

He is a good actor. Did you see him in the movie Uninvited Guest? That was a goodie.

Long time no see, Fred! Hope all is well. I'm getting my feet wet again in blog land.

Trent Jackson said...

Yes, Soul Food.

I met him at Roscoes a while back...Nice man he is...

T`bou said...

Oh he's very handsome.

Anonymous said...

He is the spitting image of my ex... boooooooooooo to ex's! lol

CydneyR said...

Yuck, i'd never go see an Eric Jerome Dickey play, EVER! You'd have to pay me to go see it, or buy me a ticket. LOL. And I really do love Brian McKnight, but heck, I'll pass!!