Monday, November 07, 2005

Paris Is Burning... For Real

So I had no clue about what's been happening in Paris these past few days, actually almost two weeks, until I saw this morning's Today Show. They call them riots. We call it civil disobedience. Whatever you call it, Paris is burning.

I need to read and learn more... but it sounds like the current situation stems from incidents oh-so-familiar to us in the U.S. -- police brutality against blacks and browns. Looks like its a youth-led movement. Of course, the story on the news placed blame at immigrants and Muslims living in Paris. So who knows? Every news story is spun these days, and I'm sure anti-French sentiments in the U.S. (since France's stance against the "war") will be a core theme in anything we see in the U.S.

I'll keep looking for more stories, but if you have your own insights or thoughts, please share to keep us up to speed. In the meantime, here's a timeline, courtesy of the BBC, of what's happening in Paris.


Unconquerable Soul said...

I did not know about this... i'm going to look for some info myself.

Joanne said...

The French people (read mainly white French) have tried to ignore and place non-white French in the "second class" for a long time. ESPECIALLY those coming from the continent of Africa, no matter the actual colour of their skin, or how perfectly they speak Parisian French. With the economic/unemployment gap growing (and this gap is HUGE) between the "native French" and the "immigrant" population, it was only a matter of time before the disenfranchised began to "act out". It's been a long time coming, in my humble opinion. I think the first death has occurred and I pray that no one else has to die before the wrongs get "righted".