Monday, December 19, 2005

The Buzz on Brokeback Mountain. The Buzz on Shady.

I told you that I'd read Brokeback Mountain, the short story by Annie Proulx, back in November (Brokeback Mountain entry). I finally saw it and it lives up to the awards hype. Great acting. Great cinematography. All that.

Some hope the film will finally get us off the "Down Low" media myth thrown upon black men (Keith Boykin's piece).

Some hope we'll examine Hollywood's casting practices as they relate to Brokeback Mountain (Alisa Valdes Rodriguez's piece).

I'm glad to see folks are doing some critical thinking on a movie that is bound to shape pop culture and conversation around the water cooler.

On another note, I've never had three folks recommend the same book to me in one night. Three separate folks, separate conversations... all recommended a book called "Shady" by Blaine Teamer. All three said it was the funniest book they'd EVER read... had them laughing out loud... and that I should pick it up. Apparently, it's about three women and their crazy antics in a small town called Shady.

If you've read it, what's the buzz on this book Shady by Blaine Teamer? (of course, without giving away ANY plot points, lol)


D-Place said...

It is a laugh riot like I told you almost a year ago. You just didn't believe me. LOL just kidding. You just have to read it don't go asking all around town about it. :-)

Frank León Roberts said...

thanks for this nice little summary packagae. how u been?

Unconquerable Soul said...

dang, i still need to see the movie... and this mta strike is not helping!