Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Detroit... This Used To Be My Playground

And soon, Detroit will be the playground for the world when the Super Bowl comes to the city in February 2006... just a few short weeks away. It must be exciting to have something like a Super Bowl to showcase your city to the world.

It's been a year since I last visited Detroit, but I can see that they've been busy prepping downtown and fixing those street potholes all over the city. It's a running joke around the world that Detroit is famous for its jacked up streets and freeways... but it's smooth driving since I got here.

Enjoying time with family. Hopefully will connect with friends here.

Favorites here:
Detroit Breakfast House
Detroit Pistons (those men are on FIRE!!!)
Somerset Mall (where on a good day, you might run into a Pistons player, since the stadium and mall are very close to each other)
Royal Oak, Michigan (trendy, progressive city outside Detroit, where rumor has it the next Real World MTV will be filmed)
The Scene tv show... ok, it's old school, but still a fave!

Anyway, back to the fam... Have no clue what's happening in the world... but sometimes it's nice to be a little clueless... just for a little while.


Ray said...

Glad that you liked your return back to the city! Feel free to take a look around and see what kind of cool stuff is going on down here in the "D"...

Girl in the D

Detroit MetBlog


Clay said...

this used to be my playground is one of my FAV songs of all time!

Danyel said...

oh but I hate the PISTONS!!!!
(except for Rip)

jaVnoir said...

I was hoping for the Superbowl to be elsewhere than Detriot, but it will be that--- a playground in Feb. The Colts will take the rings and the ball back home.