Friday, December 16, 2005

Eye Candy Friday

Image from my photographer friend, Kurt Brown, and his site.

It's Friday. A restless Friday. The mind wanders. The mouse clicks. And where do you end up?

Hoodsworld. A fun photolog of eye candy. Work-friendly eye candy.

Most Proper. Another fun photolog of eye candy. Work-friendly eye candy.

LA Foto Boy. Ibarionex Perello site. He took the photos for my book and website. Great photographer! (And you gotta scroll down to see his Soul Train reunion photos-- his wife, Cynthia, was a Soul Train dancer).

Just My Cup of Tea. If you're into some trendy/fashion stuff, a blog for you to see. Work-friendly... you're researching what to buy for the boss.

Tyson Chandler. Yeah, I blogged about the Chicago Bulls player the other day. But... uh, what can I say? He got injured the other day.

Wa-Wa-Wa you say...

Made in Brazil. Another fun site with the latest and greatest views of things Brazilian... or something like that. Research for the next office retreat.

OK. Hope you have a happy Friday... and that you've got some eye candy within reach this weekend.

For me... it's the beginning of a two-week sabbatical. Lounging/Writing the first week. Got a huge list of movies to go see: Brokeback, Narnia, all the Golden Globe nominees (I'm an award season groupie!!!) Visiting family in the Midwest the second week.


hood2big said...

yo thanks for the link

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

that was some nice eye candy! Freddie: I wish you a Merry Christmas if I don't *talk* to you before then!