Friday, December 09, 2005

If You're Tired Of This...

Then you need to come to L.A. so you can experience this...

Los Angeles official website.

Los Angeles tourism site.

Los Angeles Times literary scene. (We have a vibrant literary scene in L.A., by the way)

Chicano literary scene.

L.A. writers: Jervey Tervalon, Jasmyne Cannick, Earl Ofari Hutchison, Jenoyne Adams, Michael Jaime-Becerra, Denise Hamilton, Kerry Madden, Lisa Teasley, Michael Datcher, Nina Revoyr, Reyna Grande.

L.A. boy/girl scene: Catch One, Circus/Arena, First Fridayz/Metro, Club Chico, The Abbey, L.A. Black Pride.

Magic in L.A. backyard: Disneyland, Universal Studios.

My favorite L.A. radio, KJLH "Radio Free" 102.3, Latino 96.3, K-Jazz (real jazz, not muzak), and The Beat L.A.

Have a nice Friday... and weekend! And try to stay warm... :-)



ProfessorGQ said...

you tease!!! LOL...I actually come to LA once or twice in the winter to get away from this Chicago winter storm...I hate winter seasons. I love the coolness of LA during the winter...perfect weather for me!

Unconquerable Soul said...

i need to fly out to LA.. cause the weather is no joke.. u should have seen the size of the snow flakes this morning

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Or they can join me in sunny Florida ;-)

Marz said...


You didn't mention the earthquakes.

I didn't see that, on your list.
LOLOLOLOLOL (You know I'm playing)

Thanks for adding me to the side list. I feel so special.


Trent Jackson said...

awwww....I want the snow!

Frederick Smith said...

Believe me guys... I'm heading straight for the snow in about a week. Not looking forward to the real cold, not the fake 48 degree cold.

The heaviest "winter" thing I own is a leather jacket. :-)