Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Infidelity is best served in a nice book of fiction, rather than in real life.

Right now I'm reading Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchan. A story featuring a woman who finds herself figuring out life after 25+ years of marriage, the kids are gone, and the husband takes up with... someone she never expected. It's a great book so far. This one takes place in London.

About a year ago I read The Other Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey. I loved, loved, LOVED this novel... and I highly recommend it. Another story of a woman who finds her marriage isn't all she thought it was. This one takes place in Los Angeles. And it's so full of unexpected twists and turns... oooh, won't say anything more. Okay, this... there's this list of questions the wife wants answers to from her husband. This list of questions I've found can be a valuable resource when you want ANSWERS! You gotta read it to get what I'm talking about.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Okay... just one more thing, while we're talking infidelity.

Set the DVR to tape the Knots Landing reunion a couple weeks ago. Finally watched it. That show had some great writing and storylines.

But one line that just cracked me up... when (poor) Val (tan dress center) confronted (eye-shadow loving) Abby (red dress above) about whether or not Abby was sleeping with Val's husband Gary, Abby replied (a paraphrase):

"I'm not saying that we're having an affair, and I'm not saying we're not. I am saying I can have him any time I want. Does that answer your question, Val?"

Didn't we all just feel for poor, poor Val? Talk about long-suffering heroine. But long-suffering heroines make good fiction in some ways... we want to see them triumph.

For sure, infidelity is better in fiction and soaps than in real life. And in case you ARE dealing with such issues, I found this valuable blog resource called Don't Date Him Girl, where folks are kinda helping each other deal with infidelity situations.

Have a nice day... and be good! :-)


T`bou said...

OMG Fred, I loved The Other Woman--that book caused me to question everything about infidelity with my husband, Drama at home because of that book lol. I loved how Dickey showed all sides of the human emotion in that triangle. Wonderful read! Make you think before straying.

Envizable said...

sup man... its me Nick just passing through. I read both books and found them very good. I agree with you T- infidelity is more than two, it creates a cycle of pain from all sides of the fence.

lol a Knots Landing fan eh? I watched them for a while it my primetime soap opera.

Frederick Smith said...

T- The Other Woman kinda shook me, too. Made me really look at the fact that we never REALLY know another person... even if they've been in our lives for years.

N- Glad to see you're back. Your blog site address changes so much... hope you're in one place for a while so we can continue enjoying your writing... besides, we have the drama of Stephanie and Brooke Forrester to discuss now.