Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Project Runway Is Back. Yes!

You may recall from last winter that Project Runway is my favorite reality series (PR 1 entry, PR 2 entry).

On the left are last year's contestants. I'm so glad it starts again tonight in a two-hour season premiere on Bravo.

If you haven't seen Project Runway, it's an amazing show-- especially if you're into clothes, the artistic process, creating under pressure. Designers competing. Models competing. And each week, the designers have a different theme around which they put together a piece or a collection.

And, of course, someone goes home each week -- a model AND a designer.

If you're going to miss your fix of models and fashion once America's Next Top Model ends tonight, this is a perfect place to continue getting that fix.

It's going to make my Wednesday night viewing a little tough, with Noah's Arc on at the same time on Logo. Thanks to DVR, someone's getting recorded for later viewing.

And with television being so good lately, and with me watching so much, I'm sure you're wondering how do I ever get any writing or work done at all? To be honest, I'm wondering myself... but somehow, I do!


E said...

Heh...I wish Chicago didn't make Bravo a premium channel. Otherwise I would totally watch Project Runway. The concept sounds really interesting.

Clay said...

i never watched this show but i should check it out this season.

Betsy said...

OK, now that you are back watching Grey's Anatomy (too bad they are showing reruns now for awhile) I am happy to see you also enjoy this show...I was hooked last season and although I hoped Kara Saun or Austin Scarlett would pull it out, ultimately Jay had the best overall collection at Fashion Week. This has to be the only reality show that actually requires some talent to get on and ultimately win which makes it all the more fun to tune in.

Can you believe Santino this season--he is definitely a diva in my opinion. Do you have any early favorites?