Thursday, December 29, 2005

Run Lola Run... Into The New Year

Run Lola Run is one of my favorite films... right behind The Color Purple.

I find it kinda fitting this time of year as we head into the New Year and run toward something (a goal, a resolution, something we want to gain) or run away from something (an old habit, an ex, toxic situations).

The film itself has nothing to do with New Years or resolutions... but I know some of us are setting some goals we'd like to achieve. What are you thinking about?

I generally don't set New Year's resolutions, but I do have a particular theme I'd like to incorporate in my life gradually. It's centered on lifestyle and living as an adult -- I've been watching too much HGTV over vacation with my mom and sister, lol. It's about space, environment, people, all that kind of stuff... stuff I normally haven't given much attention and time to.

There are several specifics related to that theme I've written in my private journal and I'll need to think on and incorporate gradually into my life.

But that's me... What about you?


Clay said...

i never saw this movie ... i dont do the new year's resolution thing but i defintely have some ongoing goals!

Bernard Bradshaw said...

Run Lola Run is one of my top ten movies of all time. it really is a special flick.

What has happened? I feel like ever since the naughty naughts started there hasn't been a great movie since 1999. Sigh.

DizYaBoy said...

i never saw this movie, either.

i'll have to check it out.

happy new year!

Scott said...

Excellent viewing choice. I haven't seen Run for years. The Color Purple is my favorite, and almost ended up on my screen last night. Instead, we enjoyed high cotton at the 24/7 Starbucks. Happy New Year!

Sharkie McSharkington said...

so I came across your blog as I was writing my own blog, did a search for Ms. Dinwiddie, to credit her for my grammar and just had to send a shout out[is that what you kids call it]. Anyway, I am guessing I am about 10 years older than you, but we have some other things in common:
*Detroit, I grew up there
*Literature, love it
*Ms. Dinwiddie, Renaissance High
*Love Run Lola Run
*I was actually a reporter on Channel 62 during what some consider a dark period in my life. I have seen fast freddie up close.
*Love Project Runway. Hope Michael wins this season.

Anyway have a great day, loved running into your blog.