Friday, December 02, 2005

Southland by Nina Revoyr

I've been hearing a lot about this book. Even met the author, Nina Revoyr, a few times at various literary events. But today, I received an e-mail recommendation from my friend Rhonda Mitchell (a fellow writer with an awesome novel in-the-works) about this book.

Southland. By Nina Revoyr.

In the tradition of great novels coming out of Southern California, Southland looks at the ethnic, class, gender and sexuality, and sociological frameworks that make up life in L.A. It's part mystery, part history, but with lots of twists and turns through L.A.s past and present. A woman investigates the murder of four black men at her family's store during the Watts Riots of 1965.

Rhonda says, "Great L.A. history from the perspective of a Japanese woman from South L.A." And even one NYC reviewer calls Southland "an engaging, thoughtful book that even East Coasters can enjoy." And I thought everyone knew the West Coast has a great literary tradition... that's another entry :-)

So... I guess you can add this novel to the "Must Read" list...


Stone said...

Maybe this will be my next book

Brown Braided Woman said...

Cool! This is a must read, especially for us native black angelenos, thanks for giving her a shout out Fred.

Anonymous said...

I stayed up all night to finish this one a couple of years ago -- I LITERALLY could not put it down! Great recommendation.

Lauren Cerand

ByeBye said...

I'm going to check this book out...look like a very intriguing reader.

ProfessorGQ said...

I'll try to remember to cop that book?