Tuesday, January 03, 2006

On The Road To Minneapolis

I'll be heading to Minneapolis this weekend.

I'll be speaking at the Minneapolis AIDS Project Allan Spear Forum on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 7 pm (a week from today), but will be heading in earlier to see two old friends -- one from undergrad and one from grad school.

Surprisingly, Minneapolis is one major city I've never visited. So... I need a bit of info on what to do, where to go, etc... I'm sure my friends will show me around, but I'd like to be armed with a bit of info myself.

At the Minneapolis AIDS Project I'll be talking a little about my novel, Down For Whatever, but also about some of the tangent topics that have come from the book: ethnicity and class issues within the LGBT community, health, labels, sex, and others. Should be a fun time.

So if you have friends in the Minneapolis area, please send them out next Tuesday. I've heard there's a few black LGBT book clubs there, some of whom have read DFW.

Or if you've been to the area, let me know some of the places you've visited while there.



Anonymous said...

Fred, I've never been to Minneapolis either, but if I were to go... the Walker Art Center, newly embellished with a Herzog & de Meuron expansion, would surely be a MUST-do!


Envizable said...

Have fun and enjoy your trip.

Happy New Years!

demetrius said...

Walker is very cute yes. Recommend Pizza Lucé for eats (multiple locations all around). Refraining from any bar suggestions. Also check out shopping/Mall of America - no sales tax on clothing, and some rather good deals this time of year/calendar. Peace & Prosperity!

Matt said...

Look forward to hearing you speak on Tuesday, Fred. You catch us in a fit of non-ridiculous weather. Make reservations at Lucia's in Uptown for brunch on Sunday; you won't regret it.