Friday, March 24, 2006


First, thanks to you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. My family appreciates them and we are doing well. Thanks for the love!

Now, back to work, writing, all that stuff... I missed reading the blogs.

I think we need to outlaw the "cc" task in email. Same for "bcc." Especially the "bcc." Both are for tattle-tellers and drama lovers -- adding people to the email in a public or blind way. And people who like drawing more people into a situation than need to be involved. And at this point in my life, I really don't need or want any tattle-tellers or drama lovers except in a good book.

I think email has really diminished our ability to communicate and have real relationships with each other. Instead of stopping down the hall to talk about something in person, or talking to someone about our interest in them, many of us rely on the screen and keyboard to send messages. Especially messages that start out simple, but end up complicated because of the computer.

Can we try banning the "cc" or the "bcc" for a while? And only get the people involved who need to be involved. And actually talk to that one person (maybe two) we need to talk to, instead of involving the entire group of people who don't need to be involved.

You got "cc" or "bcc" stories from your life or place of employment?

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Brown Braided Woman said...

I've missed you!

No I don't have a "cc" or "bcc" story but I feel you with the drama that it brings. Just like nobody walks in LA, well nobody writes either.