Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blame It On The Rain

Blame it on the rain... that I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Or go to bed last night. Not a good combination when your day job... well is your day job. Writing full time sounds mighty fun. But can be mighty draining on the day-to-day finances.

Blame it on the rain... that I don't always follow the advice of those closest to my writing career. "You can't go out there pissing people off with your observations on ethnicity, class, gender. It's too sensitive a subject." I think I think too much, which is not something that always pleased my teachers and academic advisors. I always flipped things around and looked at them in different ways. Still do. I'll leave my novel characters to do the observations on those issues. Can't piss off a fictional character.

Blame it on the rain... that when we use the word "illegal" it's now the code word to describe people from California down to the tip of South America... and the Caribbean too. But it doesn't trigger you to think about people like this.

Anyway, it's raining hard in Southern California this week. It's not the pretty picture of sunshine, palm trees, and beachfronts. Maybe will purchase some Milli Vanilli on iTunes today and rock out to Blame It On The Rain while trying to stay dry... and outta trouble


Brown Braided Woman said...

Good post Fred.
Unfortunately, there seems to be an accepted culture of xenophobia among some Americans. Which is odd because the history of this country, its greatness is that it is built on the backs of the many immigrants that have come here. (Not to mention slavery, which is in my view a forced immigration, but that's another story) It is unfortunate that this attitude is an accepted way of thinking.

The US has a moral obligation to reform the immigration policy. The disparity of income does not occur between any other two countries in the world. Neither does economic dependence.

We need each other, why is that so hard to understand?

Joseph said...

I am so with you on point number three. What ever happened to illegal immigrants from East Europe, Russia and Asia? I know California has has the biggest influx of Latino immigrants, but damn they make it seem like the illegal population is made up solely of Latinos. Que mierda!

Anyway, hope the weather gets better down there. We have snow out here in NYC. I noticed a date has been set for you next publication. Congrats and can't wait.

Trent Jackson said...

Boy you are crazy..Milli Vanilli.
I'm sorry about last week! I have to make it up to you!!!

I'll be in touch before the weekend is out.