Friday, April 21, 2006


I love pageants. Always watched them since a kid. I probably have TOO much trivia stored in my brain from winners to runners-up to state contestants.

For reals.

Tonight, I'd be glued to the television for Miss USA pageant. But... I'll be in the air, flying to the midwest to take care of some family business. Thank goodness for Tivo/DVR service.

Anyway, I'm rooting for Miss California naturally. Tamiko Nash. Pictured on the left. Though sometimes I root for states I've lived in: Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, or Indiana. Whatever. Silly, huh? Yeah, I know I'm into social justice and equality and feminism... but despite all that I think the pageantry and SHOW is just fun.

My friends and I usually do a contest after the initial walk-on. We have to pick the winner based on the initial walk and introduction. Fold it up. Put in hat. And whoever predicted the winner... gets something good.

Anyway, I'll probably know the results long before I get to see the show. But this is my Public Service Announcement for all you pageant fans out there!

Have a nice weekend!

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ProfessorGQ said...

I used to watch the Miss USA and Miss America pageants every year up until 2000...they need to be more innovative.