Saturday, April 01, 2006

Remember These Divas?

Of course you do, if you were fortunate enough to catch Dynasty during its original run in the 80s/90s, or the reruns on SoapNet in the 2000s.

Anyway, Krystle and Alexis, i.e. Linda Evans and Joan Collins, are reuniting for a very fun, bitchy, divalicious stage production about two aging stars who hate each other, but are forced to work together for the money and for a much-needed career comeback.

Sounds like fun.

And they say the stage production will be complete with an infamous Krystle/Alexis catfight, which were highlights of the Krystle and Alexis relationship... remember the guest house fight? the lily pond? the mud at the spa? How many others? lol.

I was always a soap fan, but my parents didn't want my mind "corrupted" by content they didn't agree with... so I had to sneak and watch as a kid. Little did they know the corruption their innocent boy... uh, oh, anyway, you get the picture my friends :-)

From the Entertainment Tonight website.

Happy Saturday.


Trent Jackson said...

they have too many reads on dynasty!!

I think my favorite read is.

"She's only cute when she smiles!"

nOva said...

but why is this the best news EVER?

Phoenix said...

More proof that there is a God.