Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Book Addiction

So I went to a great reading yesterday evening near my part of L.A.

Pico Rivera. Borders. Author, Alisa Valdes Rodriguez reading from her new novel Make Him Look Good. Pick this one up, along with any of her previous releases -- The Dirty Girls Social Club or Playing With Boys. You've done it already? Oh, okay. Cool. Oh, you haven't? Then get one this weekend. And read Alisa's blog too. You'll learn something new every day.

But of course with any bookstore visit, I can't just stop at one purchase. I bought two others, one of which is the latest by E. Lynn Harris, I Say A Little Prayer. So many good things to read coming out at the same time. And I've mentioned time and time again that E. Lynn Harris' first novel, Invisible Life, was the first novel I read that spoke to the issues I was having as a youngster. Anyhoo...

So I get free books sent to me a lot. But still... I just can't stop buying books. Better than most addictions. Still... I don't have the room and the pile of "to reads" is getting taller by the day next to my bed.


Priscilla said...

Hey Fred,
I'm a book addict too and buy them faster than I can read them!
I'm so LOVING "Make Him Look Good."
I read Alisa's blog this morning and she mentioned your book. I'm looking forward to reading it soon!
I wish I was able to attend her reading..oh well, hopefully sometime in the future.


JohnnyDiaz said...

I just picked up your book. So far it's a fun read. Keep it up!Fun blog too.