Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chicago. NCORE.

Heading to Chicago this weekend for about a week.

Presenting at NCORE - National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. A two-day workshop, with a few other presenters, on issues related to gay students of color on college campuses. Will be exciting. The workshop. And the other workshops I attend.

And Chicago too. My old hometown for a few years, while finishing grad school at Loyola.

Will work hard. Play hard. Visit bookstores and sign whatever of mine they have in stock. Thank God for the frequent taxis and the "El" in Chicago. No driving needed. Miss that about a big city... not needing to drive to go out. In L.A., you always need a designated driver.

Anyway, been a minute since visiting Chicago. What's new? On the boy scene? And in general? I miss the museums. Had an internship at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. Amazing job. I got a lotta memories of the city... and hope to create a whole lot more on this trip.


DV said...

Fred, you are all over the place. I need the phone number of your travel agent, because no one I know can afford to travel like Fred Smith.

Clay said...

yes fred your are sure nuff the traveling man!