Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Crafty Chica.

Did I tell you I met THE nicest person in the world the other day?

Kathy Cano Murillo, also known as Crafty Chica, made my day, week, life with her genuine niceness and positive attitude toward life.

Like so nice that she freelance wrote a column for her local newspaper until they agreed to hire her on full time... and her column has become immensely popular.

Like so nice that when she had a few frustrations with a career opportunity and wanted to leave, the powers that be loved her so much that they gave her some cool perks. Perks I won't mention in case some not-so-nice co-workers are reading and want to rain on Crafty Chica.

Like so nice that when she had a tough time recently, the way she took out her frustrations was not using glitter for a week and telling her hubby that the chicken he made was tough.

Like so nice that she just makes you smile and want to do nice things, make nice things, create a nice home.

And I'm not talking fake nice. Her total outlook is just positive in life. And I think that's why she's having the success she does and will continue to have.

Just wanted to share with you her site and information. If you're looking to make crafts with a cultural edge and flavor, forget the others, and look to Kathy Cano Murillo -- the Crafty Chica.

1 comment:

Crafty Chica said...

you are so sweet! thank you a million times over!! it was such a pleasure to meet you too and i'm off to buy your book!!
peace, love and glitter always!!
kathy :-)