Wednesday, May 10, 2006


You may or may not know this about me, but I have certain songs that totally inspire me. Make me happy. Make me feel good. Don't ask me why.

At the top of the list: Make It Happen. Mariah Carey.

Even though it's like almost 15 years old, every time I hear it (or rather play it, 'cause the radio ain't playing it anymore) I just feel happy and inspired to do whatever it is I think I can't do.

Other songs on my iTunes list, Inspire:

It's My Turn. Diana Ross.
God's Gift. Kelly Price and Jeff Majors.
I Hope You Dance. Lee Ann Womack.
Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Diana Ross.
This Time I Know It's For Real. Donna Summer.
I'll Praise His Name. Jennifer Holliday.
Happy. Crystal Waters.
Golden. Jill Scott.
King of Kings (He's A Wonder). Cece Winans.
Anything is Possible. Deborah (Debbie) Gibson. (yeah, Ms. Gibson)
Blessed, Broken, and Given. Cece Winans.
When You've Been Blessed. Patti LaBelle.
Up! Shania Twain.
The Question (Where Would I Be). Kindred the Family Soul. (Also on my Love list)
The Promise. Tracy Chapman. (Also on my Love list... one of the best love songs out there.)

Tell us, my friends. What songs INSPIRE you? We all want suggestions :-)


Joseph said...

India.Aire 'faith, courage and wisdom'

Clay said...

a song called Stay on the Battlefield by Sweet Honey in the Rock featuring Sonya Sanchez -- i do love that Mariah song!