Friday, May 12, 2006

Miami. Again.

Excited about the Chica Lit Club Fiesta next weekend in Miami. It's for readers, writers, fans, agents, and others who dig the kind of fun, escapist, but culturally-empowered books we do. Lots of book stuff, but LOTS of fun, escapist pampering going on too. Planned by the Godmother of Chica Lit, Alisa Valdes Rodriguez.

I'll be on a panel or two during the Chica Lit Club weekend, and hanging out with the crowd. My fellow writers group friend, Reyna Grande, will be there too! And there will be some boys there too! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Speaking of which... where do the boys go in Miami? Other than departing for a cruise, I've never been to Miami. Yeah, hard to believe, but true! Give me scoop. I've got a week to plan. Wait, aren't the Sizzle/Clik Magazine boys there?

Now tell me good places, fun places, cute boy places. Thanks my people!


Joseph said...

I think it is hard to write something that will resonate with readers in both literary and escapist fiction. While I am currently just an aspiring writer, I have heard that business does overule the craft, which is why many professors’ advice to me is to just get into teaching. By doing so I wouldn’t be depending on writing for a living, thus able to write what I please. There is obviously more respect for literary fiction writers, so that might be a reason to start writing in a more serious tone. I think it is also assumed that literary fiction will make a bigger impact in society, then just temporary as commercial novel do. Literary fiction is what’s taught to newer generations after all. I think it depends on the writer and his/her goal. And talent of course! Your novel was and is the only 'escapist' novel I've read. I loved it, which is why I visit your blog often. But I also noticed that you try to tackle bigger issues like race relations and such within it. I think you are capable of writing something more serious, if you chose to. I wouldn't stress it, let time decide.

btw: I would love to read about your writing process, considering you are able to abandon projects well into the 100+ pages. That’s amazing to me. Do you outline and work from that? Or do you just write as it comes?

Marz said...

Don't forget Will Smith's Miami.

(HMMM Will Smith and LL COOL J. Not a bad couple. LOL)



Anonymous said...

I'm a Miami Beach resident and there's always plenty to "see." Try Club Boi if you want to hang with the brothas. That club is in Miami. As for the Beach, the most popular clubs are Score and Twist.

Joseph, your comments were very interesting. I'm working on a novel now and I'm wondering if someone actually said to you that "business overrules craft," thereby implying that escapist fiction is more likely to get published than literary fiction? It wouldn't be the first time I heard that, but there are times when I think about that, which only leads to my questioning my effort to finish my manuscript.


Andre Allen said...

miami has so much do and so much to see. take a stroll on sobe. washington st,collins ave, and ocean drive. You can go to Club Boi. if you wana see the brutha and are into hip hop and r& b. if you like techno and wana stay on the beach go to twist and score. Shopping go to aventura mall in miami and Sawgrass mall an outlet mall in Sunrise which is in ft.lauderdale. Beach Nude beach Haluover.

Frederick Smith said...

Hey chicos,
Thanks for all the scoop on Miami. I'll be at the Chica Lit Club Fiesta all weekend at the host hotel, but at night... a boy will want to get out and about. Club Boi, huh?