Monday, June 05, 2006

Desperate. Divide. Conquer.

This week (maybe even as early as today... Monday), the U.S. Senate will vote on pressing issues such as immigration, gay marriage, and flag burning. So. Darn. Pressing.

Another case of the Desperate Republicans, trying to do anything to continue "dividing and conquering" the U.S. and keeping us embroiled in "smoke and mirrors" about what's really not right with the country -- illegal spying, a "war" that's gone desperately wrong, sky-high gas prices.

Remember... this is an election year. People have to strategize to win. Enough said.

But, you can also contact your U.S. Senator to voice your opinion on how he or she should vote on the desperate and dividing issues on the agenda this week. You can also register to vote... for NEXT time.

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Marz said...

I have a year before I can vote, and make an attempt to put some good people in office.