Saturday, June 03, 2006

First Job.

Had an interesting icebreaker this morning in one of the conference sessions. What was your first job? And how did it shape who/what you are today? I like icebreakers (and if you have other icebreaker ideas, send them my way!!!)

My first job, actually, was being a peer teen sex educator for a Catholic Social Services program in Detroit. Communicating Around Sexuality Issues.

I was 16. Needed parental consent to be trained to educate teens about sex, teen pregnancy, and goal setting. It was fun work and important work. Taught me a lot. I don't think the program exists anymore. And now looking back, there are definite connections between my current work and that job. The social justice aspect and helping others.

I never had the burger flipping experience. Or college cafeteria experience. The closest was working in a record store while in high school and home for college breaks. Ross Music. Northland Mall. Southfield, MI.

Anyhoo. What was your first job? And are there connections between what you're doing now... and what you did back then?


No4real4real said...

My first job I worked at a local corner store as the help. I worked there for three years at age 13 to 16 getting page three dollars an hour. Slave wages. I was always told I was and still am the best worker they every had. Never got a raise. My grandfather wanted me to stay, I was like man please they only paying three dollars. Yeah its three dollars but you have job security and no taxes. Even with taxes I was better off with Uncle Sam making real pay.

Marz said...

My first job was at the library, and who knows what that may say about future careers.


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