Friday, June 30, 2006

Prada. Paris. Peanuts. Pedro. Penelope.

The Devil Wears Prada. Another book with a lot of hype that I haven't read. This time, however, the film looks good to me and I'll be in line to watch. Unlike The Duh Vinci Code from a few weeks ago. Loving that silver hair Meryl Streep's wearing in the film trailers.

Loving the Paris Hilton song and video, Stars Are Blind. Heard a dance version out and about on Wednesday. The boys love it here in L.A. If you're on your way to L.A., get ready for some hot Paris dancefloor action. Uh. For reals.

The Peanuts. We all grew up on them. And I think we all have those dance moves from the Charlie Brown Christmas special -- the Christmas pageant scene -- down pat. Now, the dance moves get put to a different groove. Via You Tube, OutKast's Hey Ya, featuring The Peanuts. So darn cute.

Finally, the great director Pedro Almodovar has a new film coming this fall. Volver. Starring Penelope Cruz, and the small cast of regulars Almodovar tends to work with in his films. Trailer of Volver, via You Tube. It's in Spanish, and without the subtitles that'll accompany it when released, but you can get the gist whether you speak Spanish fluently or not.



Phoenix said...

going to see the devil wearing prada this weekend. hope to post a review sunday.

Stone said...

The Devil wears Prada saw it last night it was very very good. I was craking up all through it.