Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sue Ellen. Dallas. Linda Gray. J-Lo.

We LOVED Sue Ellen Ewing as a youngster.

Oh, and though it looks glamorous, and makes for good TV drama, we don't recommend drinking WHILE driving, as Sue Ellen often did! :-) Or drinking and driving at all...

You know... the TV show, Dallas. Friday nights. What else was there to do on a Friday night as a youngster? Oh, yeah. Falcon Crest. Anyhoo.

Back to Sue Ellen. The long-suffering heroine who put up with multiple mistresses. The drunk binges. The custody battles. The multiple marriages and divorces from J.R. The major fights with her in-laws. The furs... in 120 degree Texas heat. The "thing" with Cliff, Clayton, Dusty, Ray, and Peter, her son's camp counselor. And that was just the first season of the show.

Anyway, Sue Ellen was the epitome of a television heroine we loved, cried for, and eventually wanted to get her ultimate revenge on J.R. and the Ewings. We loved the long hair, the short hair, the blonde hair, the brown hair. She was played wonderfully by actress Linda Gray.

Move ahead 15 years or so, and now Sue Ellen will get a makeover. So will Dallas.

It's coming to the big screen. A feature-length film. And Sue Ellen will now be portrayed by none other than Jennifer Lopez.

Sooooo looking forward to the magic. Here's a former blog entry I did on Dallas. You got any Dallas memories? (And for those not around when Dallas was around, it was kinda like The O.C. today, but the drama took place in Texas and not Orange County).

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Phoenix said...

That's just what I needed to start my day. A tribute to Sue Ellen. I swear nobody could hold a glass like sue ellen. Vodka neat. She made it look so good. I don't know why she had to be the drunk. Everybody else was drinking as much a she was. Jock, J.R., Bobby, Cliff everybody had a bar in there office. Miss Ellie even took a snoot full before dinner. I've never heard Sue Ellen discribed as a heroine till now. Victim is how she most ofted discribed. But I suppose you can be both.