Sunday, July 30, 2006

No Guest List

Slept in early on Saturday. So, up early on Sunday.

Yeah, I'm not too active this weekend, except for the gym and a walk to Starbucks. Oh, and brunch at The Coffee Table. Guess this is a little active.

Anyway, got an email this morning from my friend Qevin. He's a writer here in L.A. At the bottom of his email was a link to his blog, which I never knew he kept, No Guest List, a celebration of black gay club culture.

While browsing Qevin's site, I found the FUNNEST entry: Black Gay Club Culture. I'm probably the last to read it... but thought I'd share anyway.

Multi-tasking early this morning: laundry going in the basement, catching up on email, watching this week's Young & the Restless episodes (NOT liking Nick and Phyllis together at ALL), and trying to figure out what to wear to church. I think I'm going.

Could go either way today.

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V.A. Slade said...

Yes, Nick and Phyllis is not the business...But Brad's past, insteresting and becoming the business...Did u see Victoria's face when she saw his mother on that plane...DAMN!!! If looks could kill...And what's teh deal with Dru getting the cold shoulder from Neil...Not cool...Holla...