Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pageant Junkie Alert. Miss Universe.

Pssssst. All you pageant junkies out there.

The Miss Universe pageant is on Sunday. July 23. NBC.

Image on left is Miss Universe 1999 crowning... Miss Botswana, Mpule Kwelagobe, the first black winner from continent of Africa (other black winners hailed from USA, Trinidad and Tobago, and, well Venezuela and Puerto Rico too -- if you wanna get technical but we won't).

Tamiko Nash, Miss California, SHOULD be there representing USA. Won 1st runner up. Oh well. Miss Universe is only taking place in her hometown, Los Angeles, at the Shrine Auditorium. Former home of the Academy Awards.

So set your Tivo/DVR systems. I will.

I'll be in San Diego this weekend. Meeting with book club of black professional guys who chose my novel, Down For Whatever, as their summer pick. I love men who read. And San Diego should be a fun treat.

Anyway, some pageant trivia for you:

History of Miss Universe

Little known facts and stats on Miss Universe pageants

Author Noel Alumit's one-man show, Master of the (Miss) Universe.

Happy Wednesday!


Charles X said...

hey! one time i was on trent jacksons audio show and he said i sound like you. i was like whatchu talkin bout willis? but then someone else said the same thing so i was like aight!

realcaliforniachica said...

Hey Fred,
You are coming to San Diego this weekend? I would love to meet up for coffee. I finished and loved your book. Already passed it on to one of my friends who also loves it. Still working hard on my book - almost done. If you have a free minute this weekend let me know.
Alana - (the marine loving girl you met at the sucia conference in miami)