Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Academy Award Potential?

At least according to Tom O'Neil's Gold Derby column with the L.A. Times.

That Dreamgirls is an odds-on favorite right now for Academy Awards gold in several categories, and that Jennifer Hudson (right) puts in an Oscar-worthy performance, much like Jennifer Holliday's Tony Award-winning performance in the stage performance of Dreamgirls. He all put predicts an Academy Award for Miss Hudson.

Of course, Dreamgirls will be one of many Oscar-worthy films released in November and December. Well, that's usually when the rush of awards contenders are released. And it's still early for absolute preditions without knowing the competition.

But we're hoping for good things from this film and tons of awards. And Rod shares that some good reviews are coming in for the film too.


Dayne Avery said...

i cannot wait to see this film

RC said...

jennifer hudson and beyonce seem like they've got great shots at nods...

even maybe one of the guys for supporting...this film's definitly got the buzz.

--RC of