Friday, August 04, 2006


Oh, this isn't another Noah's Arc entry. But set your TIVO for the season premiere on August 9 -- next week. Love the connections between the characters. Looking forward to the new season.

Not much to write about today.

But here's some goodies I'm reading online lately:

The Book Bitches. A fun and opinionated site on books, men, and other things I think we like... or don't like. Right now they're discussing the novel Dirty Girls Social Club, one of my all-time favorites.

Monica Jackson. A fun and opinionated site on books, race and ethnicity, and other things I think we talk about among friends. Something new and exciting there everyday... and her books are among my faves too. Have two in my collection and they're great reads.

The Brainwash Cafe. Where you can read, among other topics, The Ten Best Blogs for a Sexier You.

I Who Writes. Like a bookstore/coffeeshop online. Very soothing site on books, writing, and other related topics.

Hoodsworld. OK. Not a new site, but there's something new posted everyday. Mostly eye candy of beautiful black men. It's a work-safe site. Well, at my work it is. I wanna know who this guy is. Hmmmm.

Happy surfing. Happy Friday.

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realcaliforniachica said...

Hey Fred,
Oh My God that man is beautiful. You have great taste. Thanks for informing us about the book bitches. Have a great weekend.