Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Performing Black Masculinity.

This is by my mentor/brother/friend, Dr. Bryant Alexander.

Peforming Black Masculinity: Race, Culture, and Queer Identity.

It's a remarkable set of linked essays on the African American male experience. Alexander picks a number of settings that highlight Black male interaction, sexuality, and identity — the student-teacher interaction, the black barbershop, drag queen performances, the funeral eulogy.

From these he builds a theory of Black masculine identity using auto-ethnography and ideas of performance as his base.

I think this will be a good addition to your libraries... especially when many of us question and critique the ways in which Black men perform gender and masculinity in contemporary settings, including the LGBT scene.

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i lyk hell lyk need this lyk book.
lyk thanx.
lyk yeh.
lyk xo.