Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pride in the City. Brooklyn.

Last year I went to the Pride in the City events in Brooklyn/NYC.

It was by far the best experience I've ever had at a pride celebration. And that's saying a lot. I've been around the world and I-I-I... there's nothing like that I've experienced. Shared that a lot with my friend David from People of Color in Crisis, the group that organizes PITC.

Some prides emphasize the party circuit exclusively. Some try to emphasize the educational and pride pieces. Pride in the City did it all, and did it all so well!

It'll continue to do it so well, too. Pride in the City takes place this weekend, starting August 3 - August 6.

With that said, looks like the powers-that-be don't want to support the showstopper event of the whole Pride in the City weekend... the Sunday beach party. Take a look at Keith Boykin's site for more details and updates on the Pride in the City beach party situation.

On another note, last year was my time visiting NYC. Thank God I wrote a novel, because I probably never would have made it there. I had Daniel with me on most of my book tour, and he was a true blessing and help. That gig with me opened up another gig with Maurice Jamal, and now, Daniel is a NYC/Brooklyn resident and striking out on his own. I'm so happily jealous, because I sooooooo want to live in NYC. This pic is from a few days before he headed east.

I just hate packing. Moving. Searching for places to live. I'm happily lazy like that when it comes to moving.

Good luck Brooklyn boys in making the weekend happen, especially the beach thing. I know it'll be a blast! And roll out the welcome mat for Daniel, too!


durante vita said...

...I don't know where I don't know why... why he's gone away and...

I love that you did that.

I can't believe you want to live in NYC. I mean, really though.

Trent Jackson said...

I'll have to add this event to my calendar next year...

by the way I am loving that Argyle sweater

Marz said...

I must second the sweater.

I swear you need to get a real estat license in your spare time, and become your biggest client. (LOL) have little apartments all over America, one in Spain during the winter, one in Brazil during Mardi Gras.