Monday, August 07, 2006


Saw a great movie this weekend. Quinceanera.

Set in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park, the film explores a family coming together around a young woman's (Magdalena) coming out party at age 15 (i.e. quinceanera), but falling apart around personal and social issues affecting the neighborhood.

Well, not falling apart, but facing the new realities of their neighborhood. Gentrification and white gay couples moving in, "improving" things, and changing the dynamics of the neighborhood and the residents who'd been there long before.

Teen angst and love affairs. How men of color, particularly young Latinos, get exoticized/lusted over by the folks moving into their neighborhoods. How gentrification affects older people who feel at home in their places, but because they're renting, don't have the stability the newcomer buyers have.

So much going on in the film. But in a very good way.

And it's the story of what's happening in Echo Park, soon to be Boyle Heights/East L.A., and I'm sure in your part of the country too. Looking a the process of displacement and how it affects families.

Anyway, go see Quinceanera if you can. I think you'll enjoy it!

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thelastnoel said...

I'll make a point to see this. You know Hi-fi (Historic Filipinotown) is slowly gentrifying. I look around and ask: Who ARE these people?