Monday, August 14, 2006

Young. Restless. A Cry Week.

Ok. I know there are bigger issues in the REAL world. With that in mind...

A lot is "off" with Young and the Restless in recent weeks -- reliquaries from the Holocaust/Nazi era, swooshing sounds between scenes, spiritual quests, re-invented histories of core characters we've seen for 20+ years, Detroit Gloria and her hoodrat sons getting away with all sorts of crimes, Phyllis and Nick getting the rewards of their affair, Neil leaving Dru for a woman at the office?

This is Y&R, not one of the sci-fi thriller daytime dramas. Long-time fans of the show like it s-l-o-w like it's always been. Hope this phase is over soon.

But the one thing Y&R has done, unlike any other daytime drama, is highlight core families and history. The Newmans, Abbotts, and Chancellors have been front and center for a long time.

This week, if you haven't watched in a while, a major character will no longer be with us. Not gonna say who, in case this is a spoiler for you. The crying-action started Friday and will continue through the end of the week. Several characters from the past are coming back to say goodbye, tons of flashbacks from 20+ years ago, so I think it's the real thing... but with daytime drama, you never know.

It's never over until the next head writer comes along to change things up again.

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Phoenix said...

Lawd child I thought it was just me. There is some serious craziness going on Y&R and that fast paced scene change drives me up the wall. I haven't watched in a couple of weeks. Since Victor took a puppy to work. I knew they had a new writing staff when Nicky and Katherine left the ranch and the mosoleum and started working jobs. Where do we send our letters of complaint?