Friday, September 08, 2006

Design Star

Um, as if I need another television show to watch. And no, he hasn't won as far as I know. That will be revealed Sunday.

But when in Rome do as the Romans, and while in Detroit this past week I did as my mom and sister did. Watch a bunch of HGTV.

Especially the marathon episodes of a reality show called Design Star. Like Project Runway is for fashion designers, Design Star is for talented home interior decorators who get an assignment each week, a budget, and a set number of hours to complete a home decorating/makeover project.

I was mesmerized. Every time I watch one of these makeover shows, I get the itch to start tearing down walls, throwing out stuff, and hammering things... and I have no talent in any of these areas. All I know is I like color (which I have very little in the house), and modern and minimalist looks (again, none of which reflect my current decor).

Anyway, the finale of Design Star airs this weekend. It's down to David, pictured left. And Alice. Both really talented. Winner revealed Sunday. I have no clue who will win, because they're both talented in their own way.

Just put David here because he's wearing more cute clothes.


D-Place said...

I'm addicted to HGTV. And as you know I haven't done anything to my place either. Although I have all kinds of ideas. The execution is the problem...LOL don't feel bad you're not alone!

durante vita said...

Just so you know, it is okay for you to post more pictures of David.