Friday, October 13, 2006


Mood Tune: Get Together by Madonna (YouTube link)

Geez, what a week I've had. Super busy.

Not sure how the time flew so fast, and though I worked very hard in the day job, it seems that for every item I crossed off my to-do list, three more items popped up in their place. I'm juggling a lot of plates in my professional life.

Writing... I'm juggling with the idea of abandoning yet another manuscript that I'm about 130 pages into writing. Too many characters, too many points of view. I was very ambitious with my initial idea, but when it comes down to it... I don't feel like juggling all those characters in my head anymore. Ewwww. So lame, huh. I can't stay loyal to my manuscripts. Does that say something about me? If I stay with this manuscript, I know it's going straight to The Rejector Pile. Maybe not.

Looking forward to a concert tonight in Hollywood. Should be a fun time. Uh, but my personal life, and all the juggling I've been doing... may come to a head this evening. I've been hanging/talking with a couple of new guys. Got voice mails from two of them wondering if I'm going to the show, what time I'm arriving, it'll be cool to meet/hook up this evening. Uh, I planned to go solo with a platonic friend of mine.

Though I seem to do it well, I struggle with juggling several things at once. Especially more than one date.


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dancehard said...

OOOH BROTHA we could sit down and talking about ass feels like I should be auditioning for Ringling Bros.

In my opinion, juggling is fine as long as it's worth something big enough to justify the juggling. I often ask myself that when I'm stuck in the cut. If it's worth it, I brush off my shoulder and work it out. If it isn't, I pump my breaks, learn how to tell people "HELL NO" and allow for more "me" time. I challenge you to ask the same question when things get too ridiculous.

Have fun at your concert!