Friday, August 31, 2007

Pick Me Up! Feast of Fools.

Mmmmm. At a certain point of the day I need a quick pick-me-up.

If I'm bad, I'll walk to the local store and get a naughty treat. Somedays it's a Snickers. Somedays it's spicy Doritos. Sometimes it's a fruit smoothie.

Today, it'll be the Feast of Fools podcast. A quick and fun pick-me-up for the ears. Quite a number of fun shows this week, including the always fabulous Miss Ronnie. Check them out.


Feast of Fools said...

Thanks for the link Fred! We couldn't do it without you.

Make every day extra ordinary!

Mr. Jones said...

I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Deep Fried said...

That show is one of my favorites. I listen to every episode -- have been now for a couple of years.