Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The $4 Billion Summer

And I think I might have contributed $10 to that total.

That $4 billion figure is the amount of box office sales estimated for Summer 2007 films. Of course the majority of that comes from the summer "blockbusters" that most people attend.

So I sat back and wondered... how is it that the only film I wanted to go see at the movies this summer was Sicko by Michael Moore.

Not that I haven't seen any films this summer. I mostly do Netflix at home -- this summer I've seen Pride, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Chisholm '72, Perfume. Or go to one of the film festivals that take place in L.A. over the summer -- DL Chronicles, Kiss The Bride , and The Believers.

As you can see, I'm more into independent films and documentaries. Not exactly summer movie fare.

But I AM into the fall film releases. And many of those are the films that are more independent and those considered for the major awards during the winter awards season. And I can see a couple others are looking forward to fall films -- Modern Fabulousity and Queering The Apparatus.

So maybe the fact that I didn't contribute much to the summer 2007 box office isn't that bad of a thing... since I'll be in line plenty of times this fall.

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Codezilla said...

> I'm more into independent films and documentaries.

Spoken like a guy who lives in LA, which I'm guessing has a smidgin more indie theaters than D-Town's two (Main @ Royal Oak and the DIA).

Thank gawd for Netflix - and IFC.