Thursday, August 30, 2007

Detroit... The Scene, Part 2

This is why I'm hot... ok, maybe simmering on a low flame :-)

So today... I'm in Detroit. Regularly... I check my blog and website stats.

Presently... the most viewed page, due to various search engine searches, is an entry I wrote about a Detroit television tradition from back in the day: The Scene. My blog entry here.

Not anything about my books, writing tips, or my thoughts on social justice. The Scene. Jokes on me. lol.

In brief, picture American Bandstand, but with majority black people... who could really, REALLY dance. And really, REALLY dress. Well, for the 80s and 90s. We'd rush home from school, finish homework and chores, so that we could watch The Scene at 6 or 7 on TV62, a black-owned television station at the time.

Anyway, today... curious me YouTube'd The Scene, and found the retrospective from another former tv station here in Detroit, TV50.

These are my roots. These were our free dance lessons (especially check out "The Shake" at 6:14). And this is why I'm... uh, whatever, and the man I am today, lol. (But now, Detroiters, now that you're reading... you can pick up this former Detroiter's novels here and here, lol.)

Fabulous show... that needs to come back to Detroit television. And for you trivia buffs, my very first TV job was on another TV62 show called Teen Profile. I was one of several rotating co-hosts and reporters. That's a whole 'nother story.

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DrK said...

Hi There

I was once a Scene dancer and so surprised to see the interest. One of the most popular girls on the show was Mary Lu and when I came on I became known as the "other white girl" and some viewers split loyalty between us. The fact is that Mary Lu and I became and still are good friends. I miss those days, though. They were fun.