Thursday, September 27, 2007

En Vogue

On an En Vogue listening kick lately. Don't know why?

Don't you miss their songs and vocals? How each could take lead and you would still like the song? How each member had her own identity, yet could come together for amazing music? And those harmonies... wowsa. I'm such a harmony nerd.

Aaah. That was just the 90s. It's too soon to say they don't sing like they used to.

The Ev Vogue music collection on Amazon. Might be a good holiday present. Yeah, it's that time to start thinking holiday gifts.

One present to fans... Can some company bring Ev Vogue back and strong as ever? With new music, new videos, and a promotion budget that rivals the teeny-bopper one-hit-wonders?

We'd love that.

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